Vogue Williams addresses ‘claims’ of open relationship with Spencer

Brian McFadden's ex has had enough of people speculating about her

In this world where reality TV reigns, viewers are never really sure if their favourite celebrities are really dating who they say they are.

And when the stars come from constructed reality shows like TOWIE or Made In Chelsea where everything is real but not real, you really do find it hard to work out what is genuine and what is not.

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So you can understand why some people have been a bit suss when it comes to believing whether or not Spencer Matthews and gorgeous Vogue Williams are really going out.

The pair met back in January when they appeared alongside each other on The Jump.

But their romance continued when they returned to London.

However, skeptics have questioned how real their love actually is.

Well, feisty Irish model Vogue has had enough and has finally addressed the doubters.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, the stunning star declared that their relationship isn’t a publicity stunt, that she couldn’t imagine how to even have a showmance and that she and Spencer are NOT in an open relationship.

“I wouldn’t be able to and I wouldn’t do it to my family either,” she said.

“It’s telling lies. Obviously Spencer has a reputation and people are waiting to catch him out.”

Of course that hasn’t stopped the press from speculating even though Spencer has said she is a more beautiful version of legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford!

Not that Spencer has helped his cause!

Remember about a month ago, the one time player was papped taking home a blonde girl while Vogue was away.

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Although Vogue never commented at the time, she has since rubbished the idea that she and and the former MIC Casanova are in an open relationship and said, “If you’ve chosen to be in a relationship, what’s the point in wanting to be with other people?”

Amen, sister!