Viewers left disappointed during last night’s Big Brother

Oh dear, can Big Brother be rescued before it's too late?

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Channel 5 might as well give up the ghost, as it appears viewers are turning away in their droves from Big Brother.

Not only have viewing figures dipped to an all time low of 400k, as Love Island ratings soar, the people who turned up for last night’s eviction formed less of a crowd and more of a gathering.

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Yes, it has been reported that Big Brother suffered an embarrassingly small turn-out during Friday night’s eviction episode and viewers were fast to make light of it on social media.

When some fella called Joe was evicted from the house, he was met by a handful of audience members booing at him.

Charmingly he branded them a crude term as he posed for pictures that will probably go nowhere.

But viewers didn’t really seem to be that bothered about who had been kicked out of the house.

They were more intrigued by the fact that no one had bothered to turn up to the show.

Some cheeky blighters even said that they reckoned the usual crowd had stayed home to watch the latest goings on in Love Island.

“Looks like everyone decided to stay in and watch love Island”, said 2012 winner Luke Anderson.

Another disappointed fan posted: “Its upsetting. From BB13 to now. What went wrong?”

While another saddened telly watcher added: “Maybe they all thought it was another Thursday night eviction? dontmesswiththeformat”.

Some fans were keen to point out that the show has lost its ways and needs to get back to basics.

“It needs to go back to the psychological experimental show it was, with ordinary folk!”, one viewer said.

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Another disgruntled BB fan attacked the show’s producers and blamed them for the lack of interest: “This is what happens when BBUK don’t listen to fans. This is the 1st year ever that I have given up watching it 🙁 I miss the old BB days”.

Clearly viewers are unhappy with the way the show is going and it has been reported that next week’s double eviction will have no audience.

Just imagine how awful it must feel for the BB contestants to come back to the real world and discover that NO ONE CARES! Awks.