Viewers revolt as Moira and Pete share a secret kiss

The pair are kind of related, after all!

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We’ve all been there…. Time’s are tough and you’re in need of some support.

You turn to the person nearest to you and then what do you know? That’s right, you’re snogging their faces off.

Even if it’s family.

Okay, that’s probably not the case for everyone, but for troubled Moria Barton in Emmerdale, that’s exactly what happened and has had viewers reaching for the sick bucket.

For sometime, the feisty  farmer has been trying to cope with the loss of her daughter Holly and ex James by drinking copious amounts of booze. As you do!

But in an episode screened last night, her drinking problem resulted in her messing up a meeting with a potential buyer for the farm and turning to her ‘nephew’ Pete for support.

The next thong you know, one thing led to another and it wasn’t long before the pair of them were snogging each other’s faces off.

For a second time. (Don’t forget, they actually snogged back in January of this year too, the filthy sauce-pots!)

And viewers were  – er, let’s say – still horrified, because the characters are, of course, almost family. ALMOST!

For those needing to be brought up to speed, Moira used to be Pete’s auntie, as she was once married to his uncle John. She also has a son, Adam, with Pete’s late dad James.

Confusing, eh?

Even though they are not blood relatives, the union was still a little too close for comfort for some viewers.

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One viewer spouted: “Moira and Pete make me sick!”, while another said, “On no, Pete’s gone all incesty again. Ewwwwwwwwwww. My eyes. #emmerdale.”

“THAT’S YOUR NEPHEW, MOIRA!” screamed another irate and easily offended viewer, while another armchair warrior sniffed, “Moira and Pete is so wrong on many levels #emmerdale!”

But there were one or two sensible viewers who one, remembered Emmerdale ISN’T real and two, Moira and Pete aren’t proper family.

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“Before anyone starts, Moira & Pete aren’t related by blood,” one fan posted, while another seemed to actually get off on the pairing, stating, “Moira and Pete are hot together – yes they are family BUT they are not blood related!”

Well, that’s all okay then.

Of course, we’re just jealous of actress Natalie Robb who plays troubled Moira, as she gets to snog the mush off of Pete, who is played by the very nice-to-look-at Anthony Quinlan and GET PAID FOR IT!

So what a lucky so-and-so! Snog away!