Viewers mercilessly mock Katie Price’s new hair ‘style’

What the hell was that in her hair?

We all know that Katie Price is one for pushing the boundaries when it comes to fashion, but this week, some viewers thought she had gone too far.

But it had nothing to do with what she was wearing on her body.

On the contrary, she was actually dressed rather conservatively in a tasteful sequinned top.

Katie Price was dressed rather tastefully, but viewers were too busy gawping at what was in her hair (Credit: ITV)

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What caused viewers to react so strangely was what she was wearing in her hair.

While it was clearly a gold hair accessory, viewers took pleasure in joking that it looked like she had fallen asleep in food and had woken up with it in her hair.

One armchair critic wrote: “What’s that scrambled egg stuff on the side of Katie’s head?”, whole another added: “For some reason Loose Women is on my tv & I’m wondering why Katie Price looks like she has crisps stuck to her head??”

Viewers liked her gold hair piece to egg shells and popcorn (credit: ITV)

A third moaner said: “Is there a genuine reason that Katie price looks like she has been egged and left the shell in her hair???”

But it wasn’t just viewers who were intrigued by Katie’s unusual hair decoration.

So too was her Loose Women co-star Janet Street-Porter, who took great pleasure in poking fun at Katie’s style.

But sassy Katie was fast to respond to her with a withering comment that had the audience in stitches.

Janet Street-Porter passed comment but Katie hit back with a sassy comeback Credit: ITV)

When Katie was about to reveal names for future kids, she hastily pointed out to everyone that she wasn’t pregnant.

Jumping on the comment, Janet chipped in and suggested, “Maybe these gold things on your head were sending a signal,” to which Katie replied:  “Well, it looks like you’ve been in the same windy destination!”

What a put down eh? Katie really knows how to serve it!

Katie revealed names for her future children (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, on the subject of naming her future children – remember folks she is NOT pregnant – Katie revealed that she has some very regal names in mind.

“I’m not pregnant by the way…,” she maintained, “but obviously I’ve got a Princess and a Bunny, Harvey was named after my granddad and Junior because he’s a mini Pete. But I like the name Royalty, and I don’t care what people think.”

She says she wants to call one of her children Royalty though was adamant that she is NOT pregnant (credit: ITV)

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She added: “Then I want Prince, then King, then Duchess, the whole monarchy.”

Even though she already has five kids already bu Dwight Yorke, Peter Andre and current hubby Kiera Hayler, Katie hasn’t been shy about expanding on her brood.

Back in March she told Loose Women she had more wee ones planned.

“I do want more children… I’m lucky that I’ve had five… I don’t want a doctor telling me I can’t have [more] kids.

“It would kill me if they said I can’t have any more. I’d like another three at least.”

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