Viewers in hysterics as Katie Price and Piers Morgan have a sing-off on the GMB sofa

They each gave as good as they got and it was hilarious

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Piers Morgan and Katie Price went head to head on the Good Morning Britain sofa this morning and fans loved it.

Katie was on the show to promote her new reality TV offering My Crazy Life, which starts tonight on Quest Red.

But Piers wasn’t going to let her have an easy ride as he challenged her vocal ability and she challenged him right back!

Piers wasn’t going to give Katie an easy ride today (Credit: ITV)

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The Loose Woman panellist gave as good as she got from the second Piers opened his mouth, telling him his early morning starts are “clearly” ageing him!

Piers hit back: “Talking about cretins who appear in reality TV shows, which brings me neatly to our special guest Katie Price.”

He then started banging on about how much he hates Love Island again and asked Katie:

“Do you watch this Love Island nonsense? Why? Are you picking a new husband?” Ouch!

As ever, Pricey took it in her stride and replied: “Funnily enough Chris is fit and he does look like Kieran a bit.”

Katie doesn’t want a new husband, but she does fancy Chris (Credit: ITV)

Piers immediately came back with: “He ticks all the boxes, he looks the part but he’s basically pretty stupid.” Which Katie ignored.

The show then played a clip from My Crazy Life in which Katie’s son Junior told his mum she was going to embarrass herself by releasing a single.

Junior told it how it is (Credit: ITV)

Piers then said: “He speaks for the nation to be honest.”

“Clearly I haven’t even got a fan at home,” Katie laughed. “Do you know what, I don’t care. I actually don’t think it’s a bad song, people buy it or not, it’s not a money thing, I’ve always wanted to sing.”

Obviously enjoying winding her up, Piers went on to say: “Can we hear a quick verse from you?”

Katie insisted she hadn’t warmed up and they’d have to wait until she sung live on the website at 8.30am.

But Piers didn’t let it go, and she eventually caved in.

Katie tried to hit the high notes (Credit: ITV)

“You wobbled a bit at the end, but I thought the early part was good,” he told her.

“You try then, what talent do you do?” she hit back.

“I could do that,” he replied – and then he started warbling. Our ears!

Piers’ singing leaves a lot to be desired (Credit: ITV)

And then they both kept singing over the other one as the studio descended into laughter.

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Fans loved the banter between the two and expressed their joy on Twitter.

Who knew he was so funny indeed!