Viewers furious as Jeremy Kyle tells guest to ‘kill himself’

The TV host has been slammed for "encouraging suicide"

Controversial host Jeremy Kyle may have come face-to-face with the cockiest guest ever, but that does not give him any right to tell a guest to “kill yourself”.

The 51-year-old is being accused of “encouraging suicide” by furious fans after arguing with drug addict Michael.

Michael undertook tests to reveal whether he was taking illegal substances or not, and the results came back positive.

He admitted to taking cocaine, liquid methadone and others, but was unapologetic.

In fact, he asked if he could go to the toilet so he could take some cocaine.

Absolutely shocking.

Things turned tense when Jeremy asked if he was going to give up the drugs, Michael replied: “Yeah I’ll keep taking it, rack them up.

“Can I use your toilet to rack some up?”

The guest must have struck a nerve, because Jez hit back: “Go ahead mate. Get lost. Do one. Kill yourself.

“Put something inside you that actually decides that – do one!”

That was a bit far…

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Viewers were fuming, and took to Twitter to slam Jeremy for encouraging Michael to kill himself.

One tweeted: “You can’t just tell people to kill themselves you a*******.”

Another wrote: “Look, I don’t agree with this drug taking guy on @itvjeremykyle however #jeremykyle telling him to kill himself – bit too far!

“You can’t tell him to kill himself.”

Michael’s dad had decided to bring him on the show, who thought he was secretly taking drugs and was worried about his health.

However, the cocky lad hit back and said it was his dad that has a problem and he hasn’t taken drugs in four years.

But when Michael failed the lie detector, he took aim at Jeremy instead.

“Stop growling at me. Can you speak up?” Michael said.

He added: “Don’t forget you have an addiction.”

Jeremy replied: “Yes, but I beat it.”

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Then Michael hit Jezza where it hurts by questioning his parenting skills.

Jeremy spat: “I’m the best damn father you would ever meet in your poxy existence.”

Michael, with a grin on his face said: “You’re probably on the fruit machines, you mug.”

This was enough to tip Jeremy over the edge as he threw him off the stage saying: “Why don’t you disappear to some crack den and do what you want to do.”

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