Viewers furious at MASSIVE blunder on The Chase

Hey gaffe fans - we have a good one for you this time!

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Oh dear, researchers on the TV quiz The Chase must be hiding under their desks this morning after viewers turned on the show after a massive blunder took place during Tuesday afternoon’s show.

As the jovial Bradley Walsh proceeded to ask contestant Mo the initial money-building questions before his head to head with the Beast, the IT consultant gave an answer that was incorrect.

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However, instead of Bradley pulling him up on the mistake, he accepted the answer and he was given the £1000.

The question in, er, question, was: “What was the occupation of Matt Damon’s character in the film The Martian.

Mo went for the obvious answer – an astronaut.

But sharp-eared viewers were fast and furious to respond on social media that the answer given wasn’t right.

His character in the film – so you know for any future pub quizzes you might attend that will ask the same question – was in fact a botanist!

Ah! Well, now you know!

But this isn’t the first time Bradley has got the answer to a question wrong.

Last month, he told contestant Barbara that Ferrerro Rochers chocolates contained almonds, when in actual fact, they continued hazelnut which she had actually answered correctly.

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In the end, Mo who had banked £5,000 in his cash builder, failed to beat The Beast and lost out on winning the money he needed to put towards an extended holiday.

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