This Morning fans unimpressed with Holly and Phil’s holiday snaps

People at home didn't want to see them

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield ruffled a few feathers on This Morning earlier today.

The hosts have returned to our screens after a two-week break, but although most were happy to have them back, some did not like how they bragged about their holidays.

Phil started the show by talking about his road trip to the Peak District, and thanked all of the lovely people he met on his travels.

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The camera showed quite a few snaps from his trip, including pics of the pretty countryside and one of him eating fish and chips.

Holly then said she went a little bit further afield for her getaway and took the family to Walt Disney World in Florida.

We think Holly might have beaten Phil in holiday stakes. Phil hilariously added that her photos made his holiday look awful!

The camera then showed Holly wearing a pair of Minnie Mouse ears in front of the famous castle, and she said she probably enjoyed the trip “more than her children” as it’s somewhere she’s always wanted to go.

Viewers however, didn’t appreciate having to look at their snaps.

A very sarcastic Twitter user implied that they hated hearing about their time away. “I always love hearing about Holly and Phil’s expensive holidays. Wish they’d spend a bit longer gibbering on about them #ThisMorning”, they said.

Another said: “thismorning here we go 2 hours of ohhh look at my holiday snaps [sic]”.

“Sorry, what?! In what way is looking at his [Phil’s] holiday snaps considered “entertainment”? #ThisMorning”, added another angry veiwer.

Perhaps viewers were a little jealous?

One even said: “Holly and Phil rubbing their holidays in the faces of us peasants. #ThisMorning”.

“Philip and Holly have way to many holidays #Notfair #ThisMorning [sic]”, blasted one.

However, there were of course plenty of people at home that were very happy to have them back on their televisions.

“Welcome Phil and Holly back to This Morning today…”, said one, alongside a grinning emoji.

A second added: “So glad Phillip and Holly are back.”

“How tanned are Holly and Philip lookling! [sic]”, said another.

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Well, we loved having the duo back on our screens.

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