The Voice Kids’ coaches branded “brutal” as cutest contestant yet is rejected

Oh look at her little face!

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The problem with judging a kids’ talent show is that, unless you let everyone win and never send anyone home, you’re probably going to be accused of being mean at some point.

Danny Jones, Pixie Lott and this is that point.

On last night’s The Voice Kids, the youngest contestant yet performed and got a standing ovation but none of the judges turned around. Guys! Have a heart! Have three! One each!

Eight year-old Daisy came along to the audition with her mum Deborah, and sang When I’m Gone.

To be fair to the coaches, they were all lovely to her – as was host Emma Willis.

She was given a hug by Emma and praised after she finished by the judges.

Pixie said: “You are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

(Yeah, you didn’t turn your chair around though, Pixie…)

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Will high-fived her, then said: “You’re my big inspiration because when you grow up you’re probably going to outdo us all.”

(Yeah, you didn’t turn your chair around though, Will…)

Danny said: “What a star, eh!”

(Yeah, you didn’t turn your chair around though, Danny…)

Guys, what are you missing here? That was kind of the important bit.

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And fans took to Twitter to vent their rage about Daisy missing out.

“Just cried at the voice kids I’d cry now (even though I can’t sing) if no one turned around for me Daisy is so brave and adorable,” [sic] said one.

“Man that was brutal! I’m actually crying because I feel so bad for Daisy, she’s only 8 they should have turned around,” said another.

To make up for it, we’re going to sit with our chair backwards all day. At least someone’s got your back, Daisy.

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