Susanna Reid confesses that Piers Morgan drove her to drink

There are probably many people that have done the same

Susanna Reid had admitted that, after being sober for seven months, she was driven to drinking alcohol again by her co-presenter Piers Morgan.

We can imagine that MANY people have turned to having a drink after watching the controversial journalist on their screens.

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Talking on Good Morning Britain, Susanna told viewers: “Back in 2015 which seems a very long time ago I gave up drinking – and lasted seven months.

“Until the date you (Piers) joined Good Morning Britain.

“And then I had to have a drink again.”

Piers, 51, was loving it and responded with: “I broke you.”

Opening up about their relationship off-screen, he added: “I have never been more drunk under the table by a woman than I was by you.

“Absolutely astonishing scenes.

“Drunk under the table, down. Gone. Beaten.”

Oh, Susanna is a woman after our own heart!

The gorgeous host hilariously replied: “I won that night.”

Of course, with the new year comes the new year’s resolutions…

Earlier this morning, she revealed that she is on a major health kick.

“I am off the alcohol. Not for good – but until we go out drinking together!”

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Susanna, stay away!

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