Strictly blamed for Louise and Jamie’s Redknapp’s ‘split’ as Jamie allegedly confirms to pals it’s over

The singer is on holiday with her boys at the moment

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We were shocked when rumours emerged earlier this year that the marriage of Louise and Jamie Redknapp was on the rocks.

For two decades they had been seen as the golden couple, one of the few football-popstar combos that had stayed true throughout the years.

But then after her hugely successful stint on Strictly, rumours circulated that there was trouble at mill and that news of their break up was imminent.

Observers at the time said it looked as though that oft-talked about ‘Strictly Curse’ had struck again and ruined yet another relationship.

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However, the announcement never came and the couple maintained that they were still happily in love!

In fact, at one point, after Louise and Jamie were spotted leaving a restaurant, she said the speculation surrounding their relationship had made the two of them laugh

“It was surreal,” she told the Mirror at the time. “Me and Jamie had just been out for dinner at Zuma, and were in bed together when we saw on Sky that our marriage was in trouble.

“We’re great – don’t worry about us, everything’s fine.”

But now there are fresh rumours that the marriage is in trouble after Louise was spotted cutting a lonely figure in Spain with her kids, while Jamie stayed at home in the UK.

While it looked as though he had been due to stay in the country to promote Sky One show A League Of Their Own, it’s now emerged that he cancelled a day of interviews that had been planned for yesterday.

And according to The Sun, the future of their relationship is not looking good.

Not only are they apparently living apart, Jamie has also supposedly told friends “their marriage was over”.

“Jamie was quite openly sharing the news,” a source told the paper.

“People were asking how Louise was. He told them the marriage was over.”

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This latest news comes after it was believed that the pair were desperately trying to work out their differences.

“It’s a very difficult situation because of their two children who they are both determined to protect,” the source told the newspaper.

“That’s why they’re not prepared to officially end the marriage or comment publicly.

“They hope time apart might fix things, even though that doesn’t look likely.”

It’s understood that Jamie is due to fly out to Spain next week to spend time with the kids while Louise will return home.

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