Sky News journalist slammed for insensitive comment about London tower block fire

Reporter Mark White has not impressed viewers

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People watching the London tower block inferno unfold this morning on Sky News were stunned at the journalists reporting on the incident and their line of questioning.

The first mistake was thanks to reporter Mark White who told a young lad who’d managed to escape the burning tower block that the “plus side” was that he wouldn’t have to go to school.

And then the channel’s presenters continued to ask witnesses for all the gory details of what they’d seen, including people jumping from high floors of the building.

Mark White’s style of reporting hasn’t gone down well (Credit: Twitter)

The blaze engulfed the 27-storey tower block in west London in the early hours of this morning leaving people trapped inside and using any means they could to escape.

Fatalities have been confirmed, though no numbers have been released as yet.

The fire has been raging since the early hours of the morning (Credit: Sky News)

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While reporting on the terrible incident, Mark was sitting down with the boy and his grandma, who were still in their pyjamas having fled their flat, and he asked how they’d got out of the tower block.

He then added: “So no school for you today then… it has a plus side I guess.”

Social media users were outraged at the joke and branded Mark and “idiot” for making light of such a terrible situation.

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One person did stick up for Mark though, saying the comment was “fine” due to the fact he was talking to a small child.

The anger at the news channel didn’t stop there though, as the reporting continued to offend viewers.

It seems the journalists on site were desperate to get eye witness accounts of people escaping the flames, which most felt was an incredibly “insensitive” and “sick” line of questioning.