Simon Cowell reveals he and Cheryl weren’t very close friends

The BGT star says he never visited Cheryl's house for a Newkie Brown!

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Simon Cowell has been a dad for three years now and if you thought he was going to be the hyper-critical judgmental monster we know and love from Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor think again.

His close mates say looking after his mini-Cowell has turned him into a bit of a softie.

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Now he’s looking forward to a change for the better in his good friend and new mum Cheryl Cole.

The stunning X Factor judge gave birth at the end of last month. Weird to think Simon gave her the spot as a judge on the talent show and…the talent show discovered the father of her child Liam Payne…who looked about 12 when he first appeared on it.

Anyway, the daddy of talent TV says he’d love to be part of the new baby’s life. “I haven’t had the call yet but I would be a godfather if asked,” he says with his usual manly giggle.

“Cheryl seems in a good place. Having gone through it myself it is quite nerve-wracking, but this is going to be the making of her. From people I know who have been with her, apparently she’s ecstatic so I’m happy for her.”

Despite his part in bringing Liam and Cheryl together, Simon revealed some surprising news. He’s not really spoken to the couple since the birth and he’s never even been round to Cheryl’s place for a microwave meal and a Newky Brown (Geordie beer).

“All the time I’ve known Cheryl I never went to her house. We were friends but not that friendly. If I get an invite I would go round to visit. Or she can come down to the show with him and they can make friends with Eric.

“I think she’ll carry on making records. I worked with her closely over the past few years and it’s very difficult when you’ve got problems in your personal life and you’ve got to appear on TV each week – it’s hard.

“But what I found through Eric was it gives you such an amazing perspective on things and it does make you happier and the things that worried you and niggled you in the past they just aren’t an issue any more. It’s the weirdest thing.

“We still have a really good relationship and we’ll probably end up working together again soon.

“I have one or two ideas in mind. It’s just when I get the chance to talk to her properly. I mean obviously this baby is going to be the priority in her life now, but once she’s settled she’s going to want to be working again and I enjoy working with Cheryl.”

After three years looking after a toddler solo act, does Simon think he might have another kid and make it a group?

He admits he didn’t really see the point in his son when he was a baby but ever-humble Simon became more interested when his son became…a bit more like him.

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“You get through that first year and suddenly you realise you can talk with them and they’ve taken on your mannerisms and everything else. It is amazing. He is absolutely incredible and so funny. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

“I think he has actually got my charm. I asked him the other day how many girlfriends he’s got and I think he’s got five currently so he’s doing okay.

“Would I like more babies? I don’t make that decision, as you know these things happen.”

Britain’s Got Talent returns to ITV on Saturday night(April 15) at 8pm.

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