Is Scarlett planning kids after her jungle stint?

The Gogglebox star's 'mother-in-law' has let slip some secrets!

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Scarlett Moffatt’s fit and ginger boyfriend Luke must be red-faced today, after his dear old mum spilled the beans on their relationship.

Afterall what grown up lad likes to have his private life shared by his ma?

Gobby mum Angie Crodden has revealed that her swoonsome son is smitten by the Gogglebox hoot and is planning to settle down with her good and proper very soon.

Speaking to the press this week she let slip: “Until Scarlett I never even saw him really settling down but they’ve spoken about babies,” Angie has said.

“I’ve seen such a change. He was always a lad’s lad. He liked to go out with the boys and do his own thing. Now he’s just happy to be sitting in at home with his Scarlett.

“They’re a handsome couple and I’d be absolutely happy if she was my daughter-in-law.”

Angie also revealed that Scarlett told her scissor-happy fella before she headed out to Australia that she would send him little signs to let him know she was thinking of them.

“Those two have got themselves a little sign going on,” Angie revealed. “Luke says she’s going to do something so he knows she’s thinking of him. It’s so cute.”

We couldn’t be happier for the gorgeous couple. But Luke had better make sure he treats our Scarlett right as she doesn’t suffer bad boyfriends well.

This week Scarlett confessed that she once was so angry with an ex she destroyed his clothes in a fiery fit of jealousy.

“I was going out with a lad at Uni for about six months and I think we both realised it wasn’t working so we decided to split up,” the Geordie lass told The Daily Star.

“About a week later he got together with someone else and I was a bit offended so I sold a pair of his shorts on eBay and then I sent him a screenshot of it.

“I also cut up another one of his hoodies and posted it back in pieces through his letterbox.

“This lad and I laugh about it now because we’re still friends, but isn’t is weird what break-ups can do to you?

“I didn’t even give him the money for them, so I probably still owe that to him.”

Although Scarlett is happy in love with Luke, she told her jungle mates that she is sometimes insecure about people’s feelings for her.

“I know this sounds stupid but I always wonder why people like us,” the TV watcher told her campmates.

“And I know that sounds really stupid, but even like when I got with Luke I was constantly like over thinking everything like ‘Why are you with us though because you could be with this person or this person?

“I know that I’m a bit weird and I know that I say stuff that something people are like ‘What is she going on about?”

Well, Scar… Luke obviously likes you, so enjoy every single minute.

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