I’m A Celeb: Scarlett Moffatt branded a “bully”!

Viewers were NOT happy with her handling of her run-in with Martin

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Things have taken a dramatic turn for Scarlett Moffatt.

Viewers are now calling the Gogglebox star a “bully” after her latest run-in with fellow campmate Martin Roberts on Sunday night.

Fans of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here say that the 26-year-old is “manipulative” and a “complete fake” on social media after a row reduced Martin to tears.

It started when he clashed with Danny Baker, who accused Martin of treating Scarlett (who is President of the camp) like a “silly kid” when she politely asked him to muck in with the camp chores.

Martin, 53, broke down after arguing with Danny for the SECOND time and viewers flocked to Twitter to share their opinion.

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One viewer wasn’t happy with Scarlett’s handle on the matter and said: “Pretty sure @ScarlettMoffatt asked Martin to not talk on her behalf but is fine with #DannyBaker jumping on the bandwagon…”

Another said she was “playing the victim”.

@abigalwalsh3 said she was “getting annoying.”

However, there were some that loved the fact Danny “stuck up” for Scarlett and didn’t understand “why people are calling Scarlett a bully”.


Danny stuck up for the Geordie lass by saying: “Martin, she’s the President mate, whatever she says to do, you do it. You always answer her back like she’s some silly kid and she isn’t.”

Martin responded but Danny carried on: “You do, every single time, mate. She’s smart as a whip, she shouldn’t need me to step in but you do it too often.

“If she tells you to run down there and bring it up on the top of your head, then you run down there and bring it up on the top of your head, alright?”

He continued: “So we’ve had another row, you’ve took two steps forward and three steps backwards and it’s not just me, I’m the spokesman.”

Scarlett then stepped in: “Yeah it is, there is only so many times I can ask you politely.”

An apologetic Martin then said: “I didn’t realise I wasn’t doing my bit, wow, OK, I shall make amends.”

He then broke down in tears and was comforted by Wayne Bridge and Sam Quek.

Scarlett realised he was upset and went over to him to try and explain herself.

Martin said: “Everyone thinks I’m treating you badly.”

Scarlett responded with: “Danny was sticking up for me, I’ve been made President and I’m very flattered and my job is to make sure everyone else is doing their jobs.

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“Everyone else 100 per cent gets stuck in but I’ve asked you over 20 times really politely and you just haven’t. Then as soon as one of the guys asks you, you do it.”

Oh, draaaaama.

In another very special show, viewers are saying that now everybody is bullying Martin.

I’m A Celebrity’s … Get Me Out Of Here! offered up its captive celebrity’s a horrific take on a pint down the pub on Thursday – with blended pig penis, flies and beechworms all on the menu for the 300th bushtucker trial in its history. Ew!

Earlier in the day, Adam asked servant Martin to go get him some water, but he deliberately tripped and spilled it all over Adam’s bed, soaking him.

Adam wanted to play him at his own game and vowed revenge: “He got me, he is in for it…Martin – run and hide!”

Later in the evening he got his sweet, sweet chance to get back at him by sharing out his chocolate with the other celebrities, but then called Martin up to get a piece before shoving it in his mouth.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their disgust at the campmates being cruel to Martin.

“Just wishing people would leave Martin alone. It’s bullying! #ImACeleb”

He is pretty annoying, but do you think the contestants have gone too far?