Sam Faiers is horrified as boyfriend hits out at Loose Women

Boyfriend let's slip a naughty word about the Loose Woman panel! Ouch!


Looks like Sam Faiers might have found herself blacklisted by the Loose Women celebrity team!


Because her boyfriend Paul Knightley branded the ladies-at-lunchtime a rather nasty name.

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The incident occurred in last night’s The Mummy Diaries, during a segment in which Sam explained her reservations about an upcoming appearance on the show.

She explained that during the research chat for the show she had been asked about how she felt about Paul’s notorious kiss with his mother on The Mummy Diaries a year before.

For those that missed that TV moment, social media went into meltdown last year when Paul swooped in and kiss mum full on the lips.

The morning after, the Loose Women replayed the clip and unkindly pulled faces and made disapproving noises about the intimate kiss.

“I had my research chat yesterday and obviously it’s all the normal stuff, they’re asking about The Baby Diaries and ‘The Kiss’,” Sam explained on her show.

“I’m obviously going to have to address that, which is fine, but I can’t believe they’re still going on about it and it’s over a year now.”

When it cut back to Paul, he looked less than impressed that the show still wanted to bang on about what had merely been an innocent kiss and said “I don’t like them [bleep]”.

A horrified-looking Sam – clearly realising the comment could affect future appearances on the show – held a fixed grin on her face, and said to him, “Don’t say that!”

Sam, who spent years on TOWIE, has previously said that she feels bad that Paul has been swept up in the world of TV because he wasn’t used to it, especially when criticised about things like ‘the kiss’.

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She said: “I feel like I blame myself, cause I threw him in the deep end because it was the first time he had done anything to do with TV and the cameras were in and around our house every single day. I do kind of blame myself for it.”

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