Rylan tells Holly Willoughby she “looks dirty like a Page 3 model”

He really dug himself a hole!

Well, this is awkward.

Poor Holly Willoughby had a right mouthful from her co-host Rylan Clark-Neal on Wednesday’s This Morning show.

He told the beauty that she looked “dirty” and “like a Page 3 model”.

Uh, what?!

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Luckily she was laughing along with her co-host Phillip Schofield when they came back from a break.

Rylan says: “No, you look nice, like I think you look beautiful….” and he then stutters because he can’t find his words.

Holly replies: “You said dirty! And I’m wearing rainbows!”

Phil then chimes in and says he had just “watched him digging a big hole” by accidentally blasting Holly’s look.

He then shouts: “You said she looks Page 3!”

Rylan didn’t know what to do with himself when they were chatting in another segment.

Holly called him out for what he called her during the ad break and said: “We have come back, and Rylan has called me two things that I am not really happy with.”

Rylan tried to backtrack, saying: “I also said you looked nice.”

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He tried to save himself by saying: “It’s the shirt, I’m not sure!

“You do look very nice today though.”

Holly then said: “Yes I’m wearing rainbows.

“Let’s move on, thank you very much Rylan.”


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