Rumours are rife that Scotty T is dating former X Factor judge

Could the Geordie Shore star really be dating this pop princess?

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Who doesn’t love a surprise celeb hook up, eh?

You know… the type of relationship that you don’t see coming and comes straight out of the blue.

Like Cher and Tom Cruise, for example. Or Moby and Natalie Portman? And even Katy Perry and Russell Brand?

Well, surprising as those vintage relationships are, a supposed new celeb paring has taken us all by surprise.

Apparently Geordie lothario Scotty T has a brand new girlfriend!

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And it’s not someone he’s picked up on Geordie Shore or from a nightclub on the Toon!

On Wednesday, the cheeky radgie (as they say on the Tyne) Tweeted N-Dubz legend Tulisa and asked her if she was free.

Yes folks, this is what the rumour is based on.

No sightings of the pair together.

No pics of them kissing.

No declarations of love.

Just a “Free next week @officialTulisa?” message that has sparked fevered speculation.

Sparse as the info is, it was enough for some fans to think the pair were hot and heavy, with one teasing “Cheeky Nando’s then a Netflix and chill?”

Neither have confirmed anything as yet (Tulisa hasn’t been on social media much recently) so perhaps we are all jumping to absurd conclusions.

After all, let’s not forget that Scotty and Ellie Goulding used to exchange social media messages rather a lot once upon a time and they were just mates – right?

Also, before we buy a hat to celebrate the one time X Factor judge becoming Mrs Timlin, isn’t Scotty supposedly already loved up in a new relationship, following his split from girlfriend Francesca Toole (below)?

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Just last week he confirmed that he hasn’t let the grass grow under his feet and is already in a brand new twosome.

“My new girlfriend never goes out and she is chilled out as well,” he said of this mysterious girl of his who he said he met in panto.

“I love the fact that I can go and see her and I am not thinking about going out on the [razz].”

He also explained why it hadn’t worked out with Francesca, who he spoke about at length in his book A Shore Thing.

“With Francesca it was like ‘let’s go out and into town’, she was rowdy and she was trying to act like me but I don’t need that.”

Oh well, let’s see what happens over the next few days! If you see him out with a lass, let us know!

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