Rochelle Humes is making everyone jealous with her sun-soaked holiday pics

She and Marvin are being all loved-up, too!

We might be in the middle of our summer, but still the weather is temperamental and can ruin any potential good times we have planned outside.

Today, many of us across the UK have experienced drizzly rain (boo!), the worst kind of weather to have to live with when you wish you were living the Love Island lifestyle.

But some of us are lucky enough to be able to hop on a plane and jet out to a sunny destination, like our old mates Rochelle and Marvin Humes.

Rochelle and Marvin have been living it up in Ibiza (Credit: Instagram)

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The pair of them have over the past week or so been living it up in Ibiza for a spot of work and play.

Marvin has been busy working (if you can call it that) DJIng at big events on the island while Rochelle has been lazily basking in the sun.

But even while soaking up the rays she is still ever so proud of her hubby and wrote: “Nothing better, my boy doing what he loves #groupiewife#disturbingibiza ”

While Rochelle is sunning herself, Marvin has been working hard DJing (Credit: Instagram)

To make matters worse for us back here in grey and drizzly Blighty, the gorgeous couple have been kind enough to rub their good times in our faces by posting loads of sun soaked pics online.

And how jealous are we? Er, like lots.

Rochelle and Marvin made us jealous with pics of sumptuous sunsets (Credit: Instagram)

Not only has the sassy mum-of-two posted gorgeous pics of the sun set over the ocean, she has uploaded jolly pics of herself and a bunch of mates having a lark and a booze-up on a yacht!

Rochelle and Marvin surrounded by pretty young things (Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile in another uploaded pic, Rochelle can also be seen frolicking on the beach with a mate.

Rochelle was sunning herself on an Ibiza beach with a mate (Credit: Instagram)

Elsewhere, she, Marvin and her mates can be seen splish-splashing around in the sea.

Rochelle and Marvin took a dip in the ocean with their pals (Credit: Instagram)

Also on Rochelle’s Instagram, fans can catch a stunning and rather intimate picture of Rochelle lying face down on the beach while her beloved hubby is either kissing her arm or blowing fart sounds in her arm pit.

Awwww….Marvin gets smoochy with his wife (Credit: Instagram)

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They look proper loved up.

But don’t get too jealous!

While they clearly had a great week or so loving the sunshine, we’re secretly pleased that they are now back in grey and grim Britain!

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