Redwater viewers baffled by Kat and Alfie ‘death’ scenes…

Did they or didn't they?

EastEnders spin-off Kat And Alfie: Redwater lived up to its name in tonight’s finale, but viewers could not work out whether the stars of the series had actually died.

The closing scenes of the series showed Kat (Jessie Wallace) cut to ribbons by a propeller of a boat she had fallen out of, turning the water red with blood, while doctors battled for Alfie’s (Shane Richie) life in an operating theatre.

Kat Moon in Redwater

However, the ending of the programme which tracked the Albert Square couple’s quest to find Kat’s long lost son in Ireland left viewers confused as it was unclear what their fate had been.

Fans of the Moons refused to believe that their love story could have come to such a gory end.

Others hoped that it signalled the return of the programme for a second series.

EastEnders fans were angry that they may have lost some of their favourite characters.

One viewer had already decided that the Moons were gone forever.

Fans will have to wait to see whether the couple resurface in Walford or will be back for another series of Redwater.

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