Reality star shocks fans with ‘insensitive’ slashed wrists costume

The blonde babe was forced to apologise after 'making light' of mental illness...

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TOWIE’s Amber Dowding angered her fans when she posted a sneak-peek of her Halloween costume, the main feature being slit wrists.

Oh, Amber.

The 23-year-old posted the picture to Instagram and some followers were NOT happy.

She posed with her arms above her head, revealing the bloody gashes to her wrists and throat.


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The special-effects make-up was part of a prisoner outfit, and the cuts were due to the handcuffs, but because the rest of her costume wasn’t visible, fans were furious.

One wrote: “When you’ve lost someone that’s taken their own life this sort of thing is not right.”

“This is an absolutely disgusting thing to do,” one fan added.

Another said: “Mental illness isn’t a Halloween costume… very insensitive of you.”

A furious fan lashed out: “This is f****d up!”

Amber was forced to apologise, she responded: “I am sorry if I have upset anyone.

“As you will see in my next picture I am a prisoner and they are cuts from the handcuffs.”

Although she revealed her full costume, some followers were still not satisfied.

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One commented: “So insensitive having the wrists cut, regardless if it’s from the handcuffs.”

Another added: “Still inappropriate.”

Amber’s full costume included a black and white mini dress resembling a prisoner’s outfit, with a pair of lace-up gladiator sandals as well as accessorising with the handcuffs.

We thought Halloween was supposed to be scary? Pfft!

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