REAL reason behind EastEnders axe revealed

Fans still aren't happy though

EastEnders is once again not airing on Friday night and fans are furious.

This time, it’s not even because of football, which has left everyone confused as to why the soap isn’t showing in its usual 8pm slot.

The continuity announcer told viewers at the end of Thursday’s episode that they’d have to wait until Monday to catch the next episode, which is three whole days away!

It’s the second week in a row schedulers have cancelled Friday’s outing, with it dropping out last week for an FA Cup match.

And the reason this time?

It’s making way for the last in the current series of Spy In The Wild, the wildlife show using animatronics to get up close and personal with nature.

The ongoing battle between sisters Denise and Kim over Denise’s decision to give her baby up for adoption instead of letting Kim raise him, reached new levels in Thursday’s episode.

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And Louise, Bex and Shakil’s revenge porn storyline was left hanging, as was Mick’s attempts to solve his leaky roof.

Fans took to Twitter to express their outrage at the news that for a second week in a row we have to wait ages to find out what happens next.

Amy Hill tweeted the show asking “Can you tell me please why EastEnders is not on tomorrow night. Why has it been moved for Spy in the Wild?”

And Nic added “No EastEnders tomorrow noooooooo! [sic]”

Wooden Spoon revealed their “Friday feeling” was  “wiped out” when they discovered the show wasn’t on.

“There’s no football tomorrow so why the hell isn’t EastEnders on?! [sic]” asked Loredana Valerio.

Primula Bond topped it off with their comment “Why on earth do creepy robot animals take precedence over EastEnders tonight?”

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Last week viewers were left wanting more after the dramatic bus crash and the discovery Max Branning was up to something dodgy.

But when we returned to the show on Monday, the bus crash was all but forgotten and we haven’t seen Max all week!

Luckily for us though, EastEnders ARE going to make up for it all.

Next Thursday (9 February) there’s an extra episode at 8.30pm, and the following week on Thursday 16 February, there’s an hour-long outing scheduled in.