Pregnancy scare for Love Island couple

Just when you thought we had hit peak Love Island twists...

Every time we think Love Island can’t give any more pure telly juiciness, it pulls something out of the bag.

If you think we’re talking about Friday night’s best ever episode (of any TV show ever), then… well yeah, that too but we actually meant something else.

We’re talking about an actual island pregnancy scare that happened off-screen which saw Amber Davies reportedly ask for the morning-after pill.

We imagine three hours away from their daily sunbathing was hard going for Kember (Credit: ITV)

Anyone getting a Makosi from Big Brother flashback? No? Just us? Anyway…

The incident meant that the couple – who have just been ‘split up’ by new girl Georgia Harrison who chose Kem to be her partner – were given a three hour lecture on safe sex by a doctor.

Kem and Amber aren’t together any more after new girl Georgia chose to couple up with Kem (Credit: ITV)
We have a special evil laugh that we are reserving purely for the moment Tyla dumps Jonny (Credit: ITV)

Erm, just how little did they know? Three hours seems a long time for what is essentially one point: even if you’re doing it in the cupboard, use a condom.

According to The Daily Star, producers had noticed that though Kember were at it constantly, they weren’t putting the hundreds of condoms that are placed in the villa to use.

“The pair were called into the Beach Hut and Amber requested the morning-after pill, which they supplied to her,” a source told the paper.

“They’ve been issued a final warning.”

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A source close to Love Island also told Mirror Online: “We do everything we can to ensure the islanders are practising safe sex.”

The story comes on the back of a mammoth week on Love Island.

Friday night’s recoupling saw new girl Georgia – wondering where you’ve seen her before? It’s TOWIE! Phew, you’re relieved now, aren’t you – choose Kem even though he had recently made it official with Amber by asking her to be his girlfriend.

New boy Theo also shook things up by coupling up with Tyla, despite her partner Jonny being pretty close to exploding with rage and about to march off with her over his shoulder while beating his chest.

Ah Jonny – and there’s the ex you dumped, Camilla, sat over there next to the Calvin Klein underwear model. Karma, eh?

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Unfortunately due to the worst ever rule to not show Love Island on a Saturday night and just air a – UGH – catch-up show, viewers will have to wait until Sunday to see what happens next.

Will Kem be tempted by Georgia? Will Jonny literally burst? Will a small Kember baby be created?


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