Poor Scarlett’s dream move to London has already become a nightmare

Miss Moffatt's relocation hasn't gone to plan

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One minute she was Queen of the jungle, but Scarlett Moffatt’s joy has taken a bit of a bashing and she’s been forced to see in the New Year frozen and hungry.

No, folks, she hasn’t lost all her cash and ended up homeless on the streets – she and her boyf Luke Crodden have moved into a flat where NOTHING works.

In a post on Twitter she said of her new London pad: “When you move into a flat and the heating doesn’t work, fridge and freezer doesn’t work & the letting agents say they cnt help you”.

The festive filly added: “I just want heating and to be able to keep milk in the fridge for a brew, I don’t want a lot in life”.

“I feel christmasy like I live in Lapland, it’s nice to see your own breath in your house”.

Her current situation must have come as a bit of downer for the Gogglebox superstar as she was telling anyone who’d listen – well OK! magazine for a fee – just how excited she was about moving in with her delicious ginger boyfriend in the Big Smoke.

“We’re [now] moving into a flat in London together in time for Christmas!” she said.

“I want us to have a tree in our new home for our first Christmas together.”

Of course moving in with each other isn’t that a big deal for Scarlett, as she has already that she decided to move in with her hairdressing other half within a month of meeting.

But as Scarlett and Luke will come to realise, this frosty set back is all part of the fun for a young and romantic couple starting out together.

And it would seem she has a good fella in her loyal lad, as the muscular tress-teaser revealed that once they were finally back in each other’s arms after Scarlett’s three-week stint in the jungle, it was a very emotional experience indeed.

“We couldn’t stop crying when we were reunited, ” the big-hearted lovely confessed.

“I ran into the sitting room, grabbed hold of her and didn’t let her go for the rest of the night.”

Awww, what a couple. Happy New Year, guys!

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