Piers Morgan slams “ridiculous” outfits worn by Met Gala guests

The GMB host said Katy Perry looked like a "genetic experiment"

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan fancied himself as a bit of a fashion guru today as he had some choice words for the stars who attended the Met Gala.

Piers expressed his outrage at the unusual dresses that guests wore to the fundraising event in New York, which helps raise money for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute.

The 52-year-old journo compared Katy Perry’s look to a “genetic experiment” and also laid into his foe, Madonna.

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Chatting to his co-host Susanna Reid on Tuesday’s edition of the morning show, he teased Madonna for her decision to wear a grill on her teeth.

He said that she was “too old”. Oh, Piers, you really shouldn’t have gone there.

The GMB regular said: “She’s 57-years-old. It’s so embarrassing. Ridiculous. My 15-year-old wouldn’t wear that.”

The pair fell out back in 2001 at a party after an argument over a bread roll… As you do.

Piers, 52, didn’t like Rihanna’s choice of outfit either.

He said: “They all look ridiculous – it’s the idea that this is a fashion ball. It’s just an excuse to look ridiculous.”

However, he did have some nice words to say about actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

He called her pale pink dress very “classy”. Adding: “It’s something you would actually want to wear.”

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We’re unsure whether these celebrities care too much about Piers’ take on fashion…

Earlier on in the show, GMB weather presenter Laura Tobin announced that she was expecting a baby.

While Susanna said she had a “tear in her eye” after hearing her friend’s news, Piers responded with a suggestion for the little one’s moniker: “Piers is a great name, you know.”

It’s all about you isn’t it, Mr Morgan?

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