Phillip Schofield sobs as his mum performs death defying stunt

The TV host was moved by his mum's brave actions

Normally, it’s your mum and dad who beam with pride when you do something amazing.

But on today’s This Morning it was Phillip Schofield who was sobbing with joy when his mum took on a challenge that would leave most people breathless or at least clutching their chest.

His 80-year-old mother Pat had challenged herself to a wing-walk!

A wing walk, you ask?

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Well, that’s when some brave soul agrees to be strapped to the wing of a plane and lets it take off with them on it.

And Pat was so up for the death-defying challenge that she squealed with glee as a pilot shot her up into the air for a cruise through the clouds.

And what a brave woman she was as she soared through the sky like an eagle.

While most of us would be too chicken to take part in such a stunt, Pat had been inspired by Phillip, who himself had performed a wing-walk last year to mark the anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh award.

And when she was up in the sky, Pat enjoyed the experience so much that she begged to do it again and this time did a loop-the-loop, becoming the oldest woman in the UK to do it.

After watching the clip back in the studio, Phillip’s eyes glistened with proud tears.

Holly sitting beside him nudged him and squealed excitedly: “That’s your mum! When I grow up I want to be like her”.

It wasn’t just Phil and Holly who were thrilled by Momma Schofield’s plane ride.

So too were viewers who tweeted in their praise.

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“Aww how amazing is @Schofe mum brave lady to even get on top of the plane never mind doing the loop well done  @thismorning”, one said.

Another chirped: “#ThisMorning @thismorning how nice seeing @Schofe mum wing walking what an amazing lady!”

The walk took place over the weekend and Phillip posted a video of his mum doing the death-defying stunt to Instagram.