Patsy Palmer’s Loose Women appearance leaves viewers stunned

The former EastEnder had fans in a frenzy on Twitter

Former EastEnders actress Patsy Palmer appeared on Loose Women today and opened up about her new life in Malibu.

She was on the show to talk about how she’s completely changed her lifestyle since she left the soap in 2014, and fans were really pleased to see her back.

They went on social media to express their delight at seeing her again – and noted one particular thing about her: just how amazing she looked.

Commenting on her hair, her personality, and how stunning she looks, one was even shocked when Patsy revealed she has a 25-year-old son, commenting that there was no way she looked old enough.

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Patsy chatted with hosts Andrea McLean, Linda Robson, Nadia Sawalha, and Jane Moore about why she moved to Malibu and admitted it was never her intention to live there, but that she loves life out in the sunshine.

She now runs inspirational breakfasts and is intending to bring the project to the UK.

Inevitably, the question was asked as to whether she would return to EastEnders one day, especially now it’s been announced her on-screen brother, Dean Gaffney, is set for a return, and on-screen sister Natalie Cassidy has recently appeared back in episodes following her maternity leave break.

But despite rolling out that old actor chestnut: “Never say never”, Patsy revealed that now she was almost 45, she felt there’s “only so much you can do when you’re in Elstree for 20 years of your life. And you can’t go back in for just one episode.”

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There was a rather awkward moment when Jane asked her to “give us one more Rickaaaay”, and Patsy refused, dismissing her request.

“I don’t think I ever said that. That was actually said by Jonathan Ross in that way and then maybe it got played up more after that.”

But the show had just played a clip of her in EastEnders and Jane quickly retorted:

“You did, it was in the clip!”

Patsy went on to say that having the infamous catchphrase “makes my life hell” and that she felt sorry for boys called Ricky.

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