NEW twist for Emmerdale’s Cain and Harriet

It's on, but what happens next?

Emmerdale’s unlikely lovers Cain Dingle and Harriet Finch finally shared their first kiss last night – and viewers are divided.

But what does the future hold for the couple? Is this just a one off snog or will it lead to a steamy affair?

Cain’s got form with women who are goody-two-shoes, but he’s never gone quite so far as to bed a vicar before now!

Ever since Harriet found him with a bag full of stolen phones in the church, she’s been on his case and threatening to go to the police, but it’s clear she’s also been really tempted by him.

When he offered her a cut of the deal, she shocked everyone by agreeing and responding when he moved in for a kiss.


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Speaking to Metro online about the pairing, Cain actor Jeff Hordley revealed:

“I think it becomes a challenge or a game for him. He thinks, ‘A reverend? Mmm.. This could be quite interesting!'”

But what everyone wants to know is will this go any further?

“It might just be a little one off kiss – who really has a future with Cain?” Jeff said. “He’s not exactly predictable. You never know, he might keep on trying. He is a trier and God loves a trier!”

And what does this mean for Cain and Moira? fans of Coira aren’t going to be happy?

“I think there’ll be a lot of guilt and I think [Harriet] will be very concerned about Moira finding out…” Katherine Dow Blyton, who plays Harriet, added to the website.

Viewers are already divided by the on-screen kiss, with many taking to Twitter to express how they’re feeling about it.

“Most unbelievable plot line” said @antro52, while @Foofoo_80s added: “Cain & Harriet… No no no no No..think I’ve got my point across”.

“Eerrrr no!! No way Harriet and Cain! It’s just not on” said @DebraLang36. And @stedanchick said: “Eww, Cain and Harriet BLEUUUURGHHHH… Bring #Coira back on #emmerdale!”

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But others were fully behind the new romance with @LauraaCowell saying “I’m loving this Cain & Harriet pairing”, and @TweetsbyDebra admitting: “I hate myself for saying it but Cain and Harriet are pretty hot together”.

“Omg I love this Cain and Harriet thing. So random but there’s actually a spark between them” agreed @TVFanSam.

Something tells us this partnership is not a one-off kiss.

Will Cain come back for more? And are he and Harriet set to become the new criminal masterminds of the Dales?