Neighbours SPOILER: Steph cheats on Mark with Victoria!

Are she and her boyfriend heading for Splitsville?

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Neighbours Steph Scully shares a shock kiss with Victoria Lamb behind her boyfriend Mark Brennan’s back, but will she leave him?

It’s not the first time Steph’s been attracted to another woman.

When she first returned to Erinsborough following her treatment in a mental health hospital, it turned out she’d been having an affair with one of the nurses at the facility, a woman called Belinda.

But since moving home, Steph’s put her past romance with Belinda behind her and moved on with boyfriend Mark.

They’re even expecting a baby together via surrogate Sonya Rebecchi.

Although things have been a bit iffy with Mark growing closer to Sonya since she fell pregnant with his child, leaving Steph questioning their bond.

And ever since Victoria’s been on the scene, it’s clear Steph’s been tempted.

The kiss comes after a tipsy Victoria gets stood up at the Waterhole. She drowns her sorrows, while making ‘come to bed’ eyes at Steph all night.

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Finally, having had enough Dutch courage, Victoria follows Steph to the toilet and corners her with a kiss.

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Steph’s stunned, but pushes her away – eventually.

Victoria’s quick to point out Steph let the kiss linger for a little too long. Does she have a point? Is Steph really tempted?

It seems so, because with the guilt eating her up, she quickly confesses what happened to Mark. He’s not pleased, especially not when she reveals she does have feelings for Victoria.

She then goes on to say she’s having doubts about the whole baby/surrogacy thing. It’s a bit late for that, Sonya’s already pregnant!

Reeling from her outburst, and still harbouring his own feelings for Sonya, will Mark cut Steph loose and play daddy alone? And what does that mean for Steph’s future with Victoria? Will she decide to go for it with her?