Neighbours SPOILER: Paige and Terese held at gunpoint by armed police

It's a terrifying moment for the women

Neighbours is set to air some shocking scenes next week when Paige Smith and Terese Willis are held at gunpoint by armed police.

They are both deeply shaken after the trained officers break into the house and order them onto the ground.

Having broken down the door and stormed in pointing their weapons at the women, Paige and Terese are distraught as the commotion upsets Paige’s baby son, Gabe, who’s in his pram by the door.

The armed police force Terese and Paige to the ground (Credit: Channel 5)

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Desperate to comfort her boy, Paige is raging when the cops order her to stay down on the floor.

The terrified mum tearfully protests at the situation, but with the police under the impression she and Terese are criminals, they take no chances in letting her move.

“Please let me go to my crying baby” (Credit: Channel 5)

But what’s this all about? What have Paige and Terese done?

Apparently, a concerned member of the public has tipped them off that criminals live there. But who? And why?

Terese manages to convince them to call Mark Brennan, the local policeman, to get him to prove they’re not involved in any criminal activity.

Can Mark Brennan come along and save the day? (Credit: Channel 5)

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It’s not long before it becomes clear it was a hoax call and the women are allowed to leave.

Piper is the one who puts two and two together and realises her anonymous cyberstalker is the person behind this and is now no longer targeting just her, but her entire family as well.

Mark promises her the immediate threat is over, but Piper remains on edge because she is starting to worry her stalker is someone she knows.

Piper’s online bullying began when she posted a blog about ex-boyfriend Chas. He got some of his mates to abuse her in the comments section.

When Piper responded after they turned their attentions to her mate, Xanthe, things got even worse and the stalking began.

Will the police find out who’s responsible for all of this? And will Piper finally be able to sleep easy when her tormentor is caught?