Neighbours favourite to be diagnosed with cancer in new storyline

It's a shock for the character as they'd previously been given the all clear

It’s going to be a difficult time for Neighbours Terese Willis as she faces an uncertain future in an upcoming storyline.

Next week, Terese will find out from Doctor Karl Kennedy that she has breast cancer.

Terese is going to be diagnosed with breast cancer (Credit: Channel 5)

After a recent biopsy, Terese is told by David Tanaka that the results have come back clear.

At first overjoyed by the news she isn’t facing a cancer battle, her fears return when she receives a call from her cousin informing her that her grandmother died from breast cancer.

It puts the idea in Terese’s head that something is definitely wrong and she asks David to do the test again. He agrees and things are set in motion.

It’s an anxious wait for Terese as she tries to concentrate on other things, but she just can’t seem to focus – it’s like she knows there’s something wrong.

What doesn’t help is that she’s decided not to confide in her partner Gary Canning, or the rest of her family. Her reasoning is she wants to know all the facts before she worries everyone else.

Karl delivers the devastating news (Credit: Channel 5)

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Karl gets the results back later in the week and it’s his unpleasant task to inform Terese that she does indeed have breast cancer.

So now she knows the truth, will Terese confide in her loved ones? Or does she think she can battle this alone?

Terese and Gary have recently become engaged, will she decide not to burden her new fiancé with this and instead focus on their wedding plans?

Terese is stunned, but will she tell her loved ones? (Credit: Channel 5)

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Gary’s got a lot on his plate with daughter Xanthe and her crush on dodgy teacher Finn. Will he realise something’s up with Terese, or will he be too distracted by his kid’s antics?

It’s not the first time Neighbours have tackled a breast cancer storyline. Steph Scully was diagnosed with the disease and fought it successfully before being diagnosed with it again when pregnant.

Although she knew it might risk her life, she refused to have treatment until her baby was born, and fortunately once again beat the illness.

Will Terese take hope from Steph’s story? Or is her outlook more bleak than Steph’s was?

Is Ramsay Street about to lose one of it’s best-loved residents?