Nadia Sawalha tells Loose Women she could lose ALL of her teeth

The actress said her "jaw is nearly dislocated" from excessive grinding

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Nadia Sawalha has revealed that grinding her teeth caused some of them to fall out, and she could lose more.

The 52-year-old actress also said that she has to get Botox every six months to tighten her jaw muscles.

During Thursday’s Loose Women show, Nadia was talking to panellists Jane Moore, Linda Robson and Martine McCutcheon about Demi Moore losing her teeth from stress.

(Credit: ITV/Loose Women)

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She then admitted that the exact same thing had happened to her.

“I’ve already lost two teeth from grinding and I could potentially lose all my teeth.

“I sympathise with [Demi]. I grind my teeth so badly, front and back and side to side. My jaw is nearly dislocated.”

Demi Moore, 54, revealed to Page Six that her teeth fell out over the course of 12 months.

(Credit: NBC)

“They happened a year apart, but the fact remains I sheared off both my front teeth,” the Ghost actress explained. “Thank god for modern dentistry. Without it, I wouldn’t be smiling on the red carpet.”

Nadia has gone through quite the physical change over the past few years.

In an emotional video posted on Facebook, she told viewers that she has been losing her hair too.

In the clip, she begins by explaining how over the years people have continually praised her for having  an impressive full head of beautiful bouncy curls, admitting they were naturally springy and were one of the things she liked most about herself.

Nadia started to cry as she made the admission to her fans (Credit: Facebook)

“Oh this has taken me by surprise…” she mutters. “I was supposed to be telling you about a curly hair product. My hair is not like that anymore.

She goes on to explain that, after having children, her hair became different.

“My hair really started to change after I had my kids. Bloody kids,” she confesses.

“I lost a lot like a lot of new mums do but it started to change a lot, the texture… having gone from naturally curly hair, it would go frizzy.

“But when I started going through the peri-menopause I think I lost a third of my hair.”

The Loose Women presenter has lost a third of her hair since having her children (Credit: Facebook)

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“People always say my hair is so thick and amazing. This is where it’s balding. I’m losing it all over,” she continued.

“It sounds awful saying it as people lose all of their hair to alopecia or cancer treatment but it doesn’t make it any easier, the fact that I’m losing my hair.”

Through tears, Nadia goes on to explain that a doc had told her that she was a carrier of a bald gene – and she was devastated.

In her clip Nadia posted a picture of her when she was younger with fuller hair (Credit: Facebook)

“I went to the top hair guy, a specialist, who said to me that I have the balding gene,” she recalls.

“I didn’t know women could have it. He drew this picture of my hair follicles and he was saying the follicles have closed [in some areas] and they aren’t coming back.

“Sometimes I think I shouldn’t be ungrateful. On Loose Women the make-up artists do all sorts to my hair. It sounds pathetic saying it…

“It makes me really sad, it just makes me feel old and I know I should feel grateful, I do try to and I do say I’m grateful but it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss my hair terrible.”

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