Nadia Sawalha admits regret over drinking alcohol while pregnant

The panellist spoke about her "guilt" on Loose Women today

Nadia Sawalha opened up about drinking red wine while she was pregnant with her daughter Maddie during Wednesday’s Loose Women.

The panel were discussing if it is acceptable to drink alcohol during pregnancy when Nadia revealed her own experience.

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Nadia, 52, admitted: “I did drink when I was pregnant.”

The star then went on to explain that her mum also drank while pregnant with her and she “grew up with that in my head, that it’s all right to.

“When I was pregnant there was something around one to two units of alcohol a week, and as far as I’m concerned if somebody drinks and there’s a loophole, they will jump in the loophole,” she added.

The presenter then admitted to feeling ashamed for drinking red wine while she was carrying her daughter.

She said: “Maddie’s liver was the last thing that developed.

“The alcohol going down my throat was going directly into the placenta, where she was.

“I am ashamed to say I got in the loophole.”

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Fellow panellist Martine McCutcheon praised Nadia for her honesty but viewers were not so supportive.

One wrote on Twitter: “@loosewomen I find it disgusting that women find it acceptable to drink when pregnant. So immoral! #Loosewomen. I didn’t drink a drop.”

“If you can’t lay off the drink for 9 months of your pregnancy then you’re probably too selfish to be a mother #loosewomen,” another said.

A third added: “@NOFASUK #LooseWomen currently discussing drinking alcohol while pregnant! Some quite interesting and disturbing views on the topic…”

One “disgusted” viewer ranted: “@loosewomen Where is it socially acceptable to smoke when pregnant!? Smoking & drinking when pregnant is disgusting. Simple #loosewomen.”

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