Mum whose son took his own life after being dubbed ‘most hated boy in school’ breaks down on This Morning

17-year-old lad was relentlessly bullied to his death

A grieving mum spoke out about cyber bullying on This Morning as she broke down in tears, recalling the death of her own son.

She spoke to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about her loss and how her son Felix had stepped in front of a train after being dubbed ‘the most hated boy in school’ by vile bullies.

Tearful mother, Lucy Alexander, pleaded with children that were being bullied to seek help and speak up about their situation.

She also shared a heartbreaking letter that she has written, warning about the dangers of online bullying.

Felix had suffered three years of abuse on social media before ending his life.

Lucy said: “I wished I’d talked more, and shouted from the rooftops and made people listen.

“You feel on your own. It’s only afterwards that I have had letters from parents and children saying thank you for speaking out.

“It is something that we need to talk about.”

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Recalling the day that her 17-year-old son took his own life, Lucy broke down in tears as she admitted that she didn’t realise what his plans were.

She said: “I thought he was going to see a friend.”

Phillip then asked: “You had no inkling of what he would do. I’m sorry I have to say it… He threw himself in front of the train.”

Lucy admitted that they had spoken about her son’s suicidal thoughts before but she hadn’t expected him to go through with it at any point.

The tearful mum said: “We had talked about suicide before. He said he would never do it because he wasn’t brave enough.

“I desperately need to raise awareness, for people to talk about this.”

Lucy revealed that Felix was bullied at school and then received dozens of vile messages on social media when at home.

In retrospect, Lucy wished that she had done more to help him and had been more forceful with her desires to make a change.

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She said: “It’s very difficult. Felix was resistant to the changes I wanted to make. We even suggested moving cities but he dug in his heels.”

Lucy is now working with charity Place To Be, which goes into schools and help teachers learn how to spot the signs that children are in trouble.

Phillip praised Lucy for her charitable efforts: “He would be very proud of you.”