Mel B fought with her husband over Simon before the X Factor final

Mel B's relationship with husband Stephen wasn't easy!

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Cast your mind back a couple of years and you may remember that there was a lot of speculation about what was happening in the real life world of Mel B.

Of course, now we know – allegedly – that life with her husband Stephen Belafonte hasn’t been exactly a bed of roses.

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In fact it was pretty chaotic.

And although we’d see Mel walk out on stage with inexplicable bruises on her body for all to see or have her simply not turn up on set,  no one really knew any the wiser.

But now it is emerging that she and Stephen were at each other’s throats and that the fights would be vicious!

And according to reports, Stephen was very suspicious about Mel’s relationship with Simon and believed that it was more than just the friendship it was.

“Stephen’s jealousy at that point was causing massive problems in the marriage – and he was convinced something was going on between her and Simon, ” the snitch has told The Sun. “He did not like the fact Mel obviously looked up to him and spoke about him a lot.”

The loose-lipped insider continued: “He thought she was up to all sorts at the time – but accusing her of sleeping with Simon was a real low point.

“He just couldn’t control his jealousy and anger when she was appearing on such a high-profile show with successful people that he didn’t know.

“It caused huge arguments and led to a loss of trust that never really healed.

“It is definitely one of the things that led to the eventual breakdown of their relationship.”

Since their divorce plans were announced a fortnight ago, Mel has been telling pals what really went on behind the scenes with Stephen, including the fact that her hubby had been banned from the set by the X Factor producers because of his behaviour.

Last week it was reported that he had flown into a rage after he’d witnessed what he thought he was Mel being flirty with Cheryl, especially when he apparently saw her lunge for her bum!

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It was also reported that during the tough times of the relationship, Mel actually took an overdose.

Recently Simon Cowell spoke out about his friend and fellow X Factor judge and said:  “She’s an incredible person. She’s under pressure but I think she’s in a good place.

“If you think about what Mel’s done since leaving The Spice Girls and what she’s gone through, it was astonishing.”