Love Island’s Amber and Gabby discover they’ve been ‘cheated’ on in the worst way

Expect major drama when the girls find out what the boys have been doing!

Love Island’s ladies get a NASTY surprise tonight when they find out just what the boys have been getting up to at the other villa.

Let’s face it, there’s been no shortage of drama in this year’s villa, but the latest twist is going to blow everything out of the water.

The guys had really been hoping that “what goes on tour, stays on tour” – despite, you know, filming a TV show beamed out to millions – but sadly for them, the girls are about to find out just what they’ve been up to on their mini break.

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In a twist that will surprise absolutely no one, the guys’ naughty antics are about to be unveiled to their ladies thanks to a sunny postcard dropped into the villa featuring photos of Chris, Kem, Marcel, Dom and Jonny getting up to mischief.

AS IF the producers would let the boys’ behaviour go unnoticed by the girls!

Gabby may not be thrilled to hear what Marcel’s been up to (Credit: ITV2)

And it’s probably not going to go down well with either Marcel’s girlfriend Gabby or Amber, who has been desperately hoping to win ex Kem back.

We all know the villa has been split in two: the girls have remained at the old pad, joined by six hunky new men, while the guys have settled into life at a nearby casa, alongside five gorgeous girls.

Oh Kem, what happened to infinity? (Credit: ITV)

Thanks to Love Island producers setting some pretty raunchy challenges on the first night, it all got a bit wild and Gabby’s boyfriend Marcel ended up snogging newbie Shannen in a task, while Amber’s ex partner Kem – who she is still confusingly coupled with – shared a steamy kiss with Chyna.

Marcel looked shocked after having to kiss Shannen in the challenge (Credit: ITV2)

Ladies’ man Kem also asked both Chyna and Amelia to share his bed, then (greedily) confessed to also having the hots or another new girl, Danielle.

The postcard dropped into the villa features a picture of each guy – some in more compromising positions than others.

Kem is seen snogging Chyna, while Marcel, Chris and Jonny are all pictured lying in bed next to another girl. The only islander not implicated in any risky behaviour is Dom, who is, er testing his technique on a swinging bed.

Interestingly, Marcel’s challenge kiss with Shannen isn’t featured on the postcard, perhaps because it was part of a challenge and not done on his own accord? (Still counts, right?!)

Could Marcel be in the clear? (Credit: ITV)

And while they say a picture speaks a thousand words, some images on the postcard do give the idea more happened than really did… so the guys will have plenty of explaining to do when they’re reunited with the girls.

As one viewer said: “Love Island has twisted every single situation on that postcard.”

It’s bad news for the guys but GREAT news for viewers, who have taken to Twitter to lament the fact we have to wait until 9pm tonight to see what happens!

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That being said, the ladies of the villa have also been up to their own sexy antics with the new guys.

Single Montana has snogged Alex, while single Camilla has been cosying up to Craig, after Jonny dumped her for Tyla last week.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.