Love Island viewers outraged as Marcel kisses new girl

Viewers are definitely in for a shock tonight

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Love Island fans have been left outraged after seeing a preview of tonight’s episode of the drama-filled series.

In a clip of what will take place in the villa tonight Marcel is seen kissing another girl as part of a challenge.

FYI Marcel is coupled up with Gabby AND asked her to be his girlfriend earlier this week.

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Last night eleven brand new islanders headed into the villa to shake things up in the biggest shock twist in the show’s history.

The original islanders were split into boys and girls and put in separate villas.

Meanwhile five girls headed into the boys’ villa and six new lads headed into the girls’ villa.

The new shake up is set to test the couples’ relationships and see whose heads will be turned.

But in a challenge, which will air on tonight’s show, Marcel is faced with a difficult situation.

Gabby and Marcel are possibly the strongest couple in the villa right now (Credit: ITV)

In the video Marcel reads a dare from his phone which says: “One boy and one girl must kiss for five seconds.”

And without any hesitation he leans over to blonde beauty Shannen and plants a kiss on her.

He then turns to his fellow islanders looking completely shocked at himself for doing it.

Shortly before Gabby is seen speaking in the beach hut about the challenge.

She said: “But if I have to kiss people, that’s cheating.”

Marcel kisses new girl Shannen in a challenge (Credit: ITV)

Fans of the show have now sent Twitter into meltdown with one tweeting: “MARCEL…!!”

Another added: “Marcel didn’t have to do that challenge, so he voluntarily kissed another girl. So disappointed in him. #LoveIsland.”

A third wrote: “Marcel noooo.”


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As they moved into the brand new villa and five stunning ladies were sent their way the boys couldn’t hold back their excitement.

As Kem spoke about the possibility of getting with one of the new girls Marcel made a questionable comment.

He said: “I’m feeling risky.”

And fans definitely spotted it.

One wrote: “Even Marcel was saying he’s feeling risky…  can’t trust nobody these days #loveisland.”

“RISKY? better not even try it Marcel #LoveIsland,” another said.

A third tweeted: “What the hell is Marcel playing at? Talking about risky? He better just cancel that out. #LoveIsland.”

Gabby and Marcel’s relationship has been going from strength to strength in the villa.

It’s been going so well in fact that Marcel decided to make it official and ask Gabby to be his girlfriend. Of course, she said yes.

But will his head be turned while away from Gabby?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.