Love Island star’s mum “grinned” watching her daughter romp on the show

Not the reaction we'd expect from most parents

What do most parents want for their kids?

For them to find Mr or Mrs Right?

To achieve something admirable in life?

Or to have sex on the telly?

Well, when it comes to reality shows, some parents seem to be happy for their kids to do anything they damn well please.

Viewers these days expect the stars of Love Island to get it on on the telly (Credit: ITV)

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This week two couples on Love Island ended up having sex in full view of the cameras.

While viewers were giddy about the hook ups, many worried about what their poor parents would be thinking as they watched their kids getting down and dirty on the telly in front of hundreds and thousands of viewers.

As it turned out, some parents need our sympathy because one thought their daughter having sex on TV was just fine and “normal”.

This week, Amber got jiggy with Kem after two weeks of flirting.

Kem and Amber got jiggy under the sheets (Credit: ITV)

Although they got up to no good UNDER the sheets, it was clear what they were doing.

But Amber’s mum Susan Davies says she’s not ashamed of her daughter.

Amber’s mum says she’s not fussed about her daughter having sex on TV (Credit: Instagram)

“She’s an adult. I didn’t have to watch it,” she said.

“Nothing was shown, it was left to the imagination. It did go on but you didn’t see anything. I just shut my eyes, grinned and waited for the moment to finish.”

So Susan seems to have no reservations that her daughter going on a TV show that basically sets up people to have sex with other.

Kem and Amber have been flirting since the show started (Credit: ITV)

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“Obviously it’s not something you want to watch your daughter doing but at the end of the day it’s what the show is about,” she told the Daily Post.

“It’s human, it’s normal. I know we don’t want it all over national TV but it wasn’t explicit.”

However, Amber won’t get off totally freely.

Susan says that if Amber and Kem stick together after the series ends she will have words with the pair of them about having sex on TV!

Now, we’d like to be a fly on THAT wall!