Love Island: Karma bites Olivia on the bum as newbie Tyla sets sights on Chris

This is definitely a case of "what goes around, comes around"

Love Island was thrown into chaos this week as Jess and Mike were dumped from the villa and two newbies took up residence.

Olivia had been stuck in a love triangle with Mike and Chris, and when Mike chose her to couple up with him Chris was left devastated.

But as Mike was dumped from the island Olivia properly rekindled her romance with Chris.

Olivia and Chris speak about new girl Tyla (Credit: ITV)

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Now karma is coming back around for Olivia as new islander Tyla, who entered the villa last night, has taken a shine to Chris.

In tonight’s show viewers will see Olivia become anxious that her coupling with Chris is no longer safe.

She said: “I have to say that obviously Chris is gorge, he had to tolerate me going on a date with Mike so obviously if you want to take him on a date, take him on a date.

“Tyla fancies Chris, and it’s annoying because it’s the same situation that happened with Mike, except, this affects me. I’m not OK with it.”

Speaking to the rest of the girls later on in the day Olivia added: “We’ve just got Mike out of the picture, we’re just hitting our stride and then a girl comes in that fancies Chris, obviously.

“Just in the bedroom then, Kem and Chris were like ‘she’s so cute, she’s so cute’. Well puppies are cute, you don’t have sex with them do you?”

Olivia is worried that Tyla will choose Chris (Credit: ITV)

Talking about her situation Olivia told the Beach Hut: “Chris likes to have his ego stroked, as do all boys, so he’ll probably test the waters for a minute, how I did.

“I’ve got to swallow it because he did when Mike was here. It’s annoying because he took it like a real class act, and I’m not such a class act.”

Chris later told the Beach Hut:I haven’t spoken to Tyla once, genuinely have not had a conversation with her and that’s because I’ve had this little puppy following me around all day, and her name’s Olivia and she won’t let me near her.

“Liv is getting ultra defensive and her way of dealing with it is just to abuse me.”

Chris admitted he wouldn’t mind getting to know Tyla (Credit: ITV)

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With the recoupling now looming Olivia is panicking even more as she told Chris: “You don’t need to speak to her, at the end of the day if you were serious about me and you, you wouldn’t want her to pick you, so you would do something about it, but you haven’t.

“I’m over being here. In general. I am over it.”

In tonight’s episode the villa is set to be shaken up once again as another recoupling is set to take place.

Last night Tyla, 23, and new lad Simon, 28, headed into the villa.

Newbies Tyla and Simon entered the villa last night (Credit: ITV)

Tyla admitted she fancies Chris, Dom and Jonny while Simon revealed he would like to get to know Montana and Amber.

But with first pick in tonight’s recoupling who will Tyla and Simon choose?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.