Love Island fans FUMIN’ as Marcel CHEATS on girlfriend Gabby

He looked as though he enjoyed kissing challenge way too much

Love Island’s Marcel Somerville has put his relationship with Gabby Allen at risk by kissing another girl for a challenge, and fans of the reality programme are not amused.

The latest episode of the ITV2 dating show saw former Blazin’ Squad member Somerville kiss new girl Shannen McGrath as part of a task, while his girlfriend Allen was in the other villa.

Fans were already left shocked earlier this week when 11 new singletons were introduced to the show in a massive shake-up, in which the existing male contestants were moved to a new abode with the five new girls, while the six new boys moved in with the previous female islanders.

Love Island
Marcel goes in for a proper Frenchie (Credit: ITV)

Somerville has become a fan favourite with his helpful advice to his roommates, calm manner and budding romance with Allen.

And, while sincere about his feelings for Allen – whom he asked to be his girlfriend just days ago – he became swept up in a challenge, which saw one of the males have to kiss one of the female islanders to win against the other house.

Speaking after the task, Somerville – who was surprised at his own gusto at kissing McGrath – said he “took one for the team” to win the chance to have a party.

He then had to kiss McGrath again for another task, which stated that the eldest male and female had to lock lips.

In the other house, a concerned Allen was told by her housemates that her boyfriend would not have kissed another girl.

Viewers took to Twitter during the broadcast to air their disappointment over his hasty actions, considered by many to be cheating.

One fan wrote: “I’m disappointed in Marcel, why did he do that? If him and gabby are a couple now #LoveIsland.”

Another shared a similar sentiment, writing: “Marcel has really disappointed me man, I’m actually gutted #LoveIsland.”

Love Island
Gabby knew Marcel would embrace the challenge (Credit: ITV2)

“Why would marcel cheat on gabby for the sake of winning a game for a party??? Lost all respect for him now #LoveIsland,” one fumed.

Many took it to heart, with one writing they felt “hurt” by his actions, and another saying they felt “personally and emotionally” disappointed by Somerville.

However, plenty of others backed Somerville and declared that he had not cheated on Allen because it was all part of a game.

“The whole show is a game, I’m not sure kissing as part of another game is cheating. I still think Marcel is a good man. #LoveIsland,” one reasoned.

Another said: “Marcel was just playing the game for points, doesn’t mean he’s actively cheating #LoveIsland.”

The broadcast also saw fan-favourite Camilla Thurlow grow closer to new addition Craig Lawson, and Montana Brown and newcomer Alex v lock lips several times.

:: Love Island continues on Sunday at 9pm on ITV2.