Love Island couple deny reports they have already split

They are, apparently, still very much an item

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We’re obsessed with Love Island, you’re obsessed with Love Island, and obviously, the newspapers are obsessed with Love Island.

And this weekend The Sun claimed that Montana Brown and Alex Beattie – who were voted off the show just before the final – had been the first couple to split after leaving the island, probably because trying to hold down a relationship while trying to remember how socks/ trousers/ covered bum cheeks work was pretty tricky.

Except… WAIT. Because both Alex and Mon have denied the story, and we believe them for two reasons.

Firstly, one thing Mon never does is lie to us. And she’s our girl. We know her.

Secondly, Alex doesn’t say much. So when he does say something it’s probably true.

Montana, 21, denied the claims after a fan tweeted the story, worried her fave couple had gone their separate ways.

“This has to be a joke,” the fan wrote.

“This isn’t true,” replied Mon. Because Mon is succinct. It is one of the 657 things we love about her.

Meanwhile Alex, 22, posted a still from their video chat on Twitter writing “Quick catch up with this little fire cracker.”

On his Instagram, he put up a picture of the two of them saying “See you shortly” to Montana with a kiss emoji.

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Essentially, this is like police detective work in 2017 and the conclusion of this enquiry is: nothing to worry about here guys, Mon and Alex are still a couple.

And hey, just because they aren’t claiming they’re in love after three minutes, doesn’t mean they’re not into each other.

The Sun’s story claimed that Alex and Montana had ‘secretly ended’ their romance after landing back from the island but would put on a ‘united front’ for the reunion show (YES, THE REUNION SHOW! OH WE LIVE FOR THE REUNION SHOW!) on Sunday.

A source told the newspaper: “Montana is keen to follow her dreams as a TV presenter and has been attending meetings this week to get the wheels in motion.

“She doesn’t like partying and isn’t a big drinker so personal appearances in nightclubs aren’t really her thing.

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“Instead she is ambitious and very much a career woman – her relationship with Alex is going to take a back seat.”

News flash: we suspect Montana will be able to manage both a career and some snogging with a very hot man. Just a hunch.

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