Love Island bosses planning to spice things up with gay and lesbian contestants

Surprise guests could pave way for a spin-off series

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With sun, sex and six-packs galore, Love Island provides the perfect escapism from everyday life, and viewers have been lapping up the latest series, with ratings of over two million.

However, rumour has it that producers are planning to add even more spice to this year’s show – as if it needs it!

According to the whispers, we could soon be seeing the arrival of some new gay and lesbian guests…

This year’s series has seen plenty of bedroom action – but all of it heterosexual. (Credit: ITV)

Bosses of the show, which is filmed in Majorca, claim that the move isn’t meant as a gimmick, but is simply an attempt to move with the times.

“The heterosexual couples this year have been amazing entertainment,” a source told the Daily Star. “But there is a feeling among producers that there could be more representation of the LGBT community.

“In 2017, they know they can’t go on forever pretending the gay community doesn’t exist. It’s only a matter of time.

“The main stipulation for Love Island applicants is that they are single and looking for love, and we are open to all possibilities.”

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Last year’s series saw a brief lesbian fling between Sophie and Katie, but so far this year there’s been nothing of the sort.

And that’s not sat well with some commentators. Writing in The Guardian, columnist Fay Schopen said: “There’s something missing. Something quite major. And that something is same-sex action.”

SophIe and Katie got it on in last year’s Love Island. (Credit: ITV)

If the rumours are true, the gay and lesbian contestants will only be on the show for a short time – the final is on 24th July, with someone set to win £50,000.

But according to the Pink News website, the move could pave the way for a spin-off series focusing exclusively on lesbian women.

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And some hopeful fans took to Twitter to give the idea their blessing.

“I hope one day they make a lesbian love island bc that is my dream show,” wrote one.

Another said: “Imagine them doing a lesbian version of Love Island. The drama would be at an all-time high.”

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