Louise Redknapp reportedly accused by in-laws of having a midlife crisis

Jamie's parents aren't happy with Louise's new lease of life

Jamie Redknapp’s mum and dad are sticking by their son during his supposed break-up with Strictly star, Louise Redknapp.

They apparently think that she’s going through a midlife crisis.

They’re also reportedly telling friends that they’re concerned for their grandchildren who, they say, are being looked after by Louise’s mum, Lynne, while she paints the town red.

According to the Redknapps, Louise is leaving the kids with their gran while she goes out and parties all hours with her new buddy Daisy Lowe.

Louise’s in-laws reckon she is having a midlife crisis (Credit: Instagram)

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Former pop star Louise, 42, is supposedly crashing at her mum’s which is just 15 minutes from the family home she shared with Jamie in Surrey.

A source told The Sun: “Harry and Sandra are very supportive of Louise and want to see her revive her career.

“But they’ve been sad to see her partying hard with her new group of friends while Jamie has been filming A League of Their Own.

“It’s meant Louise’s mum has been left to look after the kids many nights over the last few weeks.

Jamie’s mum Sandra says she hasn’t seen Louise in weeks (Credit: Instagram)

“She seems to be in the middle of a midlife crisis, turning her back on many of the mutual friends she’s shared with Jamie to go out with people half her age.”

Despite the tough times, 70-year-old football manager Harry and his wife Sandra both want Louise and Jamie to sort it out and get back to the good days after 18 years of marriage.

The waters are choppy on both sides. Louise reportedly hasn’t been to see the Redknapps since just after the split when she appeared happy alongside them for the cameras in May.

Her in-laws are worried Louise is hanging out with people half her age (Credit: Instagram)

Another source told The Sun: “Louise has changed a lot. They are all so close as a family, but she hasn’t visited Harry and Sandra since the party.

“She’d been advised to post Instagram photos from the event by her management to [off set] concerns about the marriage…”

“It was all about protecting the ‘Redknapp brand’.”

Louise dutifully posted a picture with her mother-in-law smiling and looking relaxed but, now we know the truth, can we see some icy tension in the way they’re standing together?

She also shared a pic of Jamie kicking around a football with one of her sons too but since then that’s been it.

Louise posted this picture of Jamie and their son playing football in May – and nothing since (Credit: Instagram)

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Jamie told friends that the marriage was over only last week so things have moved very quickly.

However, he is apparently desperate to win his wife back but he’ll have to move quickly because Louise is away in a touring production of Cabaret from September so it might be hard to romance her again.