Lotan reveals the shocking truth behind why he thinks he was evicted from Big Brother

The stripper explained why he was a bear with a sore head!

Even Lotan Carter will admit that taking part in this series of Big Brother has done nothing for his public profile and career.

After he was booted out of the house this week for aggressive behaviour during a spat with various housemates, the few viewers actually watching this series were fast to pour scorn on him.

Except for smitten Gemma Collins, who had previously said she’d like to have sex with him – and the invited him out for dinner this week.

The public may have hated Lotan, but Gemma Collins wanted to have sex with him and invited him to dinner (credit: Instagram)

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But now he’s free from the most depressing house in the country (what is with the messy design this year???), he has been making his excuses for his behaviour.

According to the buff stripper, his temper was all down to the fact he hadn’t been very well during his stay in the house.

He has revealed that he was secretly rushed to hospital after vomiting blood “150 times” in the BB house and afterwards begged producers to let leave him the house for good due to the extreme pain he was enduring.

Things kicked off in the house when Lotan got in an argument with (credit: C5)

It turned out in the end that he was suffering from a stomach ulcer that had eventually burst.

“I was vomiting blood, if you look at the video when they booted me out, you can see the hospital band on my wrist,” he told the Sun.

“I was throwing up constantly, they had to take me [to hospital]. I had an ulcer in my stomach and it erupted with the stress.”

Lotan said that even though he wasn’t in a good way and puking up blood, producers were keen for him to stay on in the house.

When he lashed out he threw a drink at his housemates and all hell kicked off (credit: C5)

But he says that it was the agony that made him very short tempered and which led to his bust up with Isabelle.

Speaking about his last day in the house, Lotan explained that he had gone to the diary room and asked for Gaviscon because he was suffering from what he thought was some terrible heartburn.

When he returned to the main house and Isabelle made her comment about his son, things just exploded.

Logan complained about stomach pains which turned out to be a burst ulcer (credit: C5)

“Then all this stuff kicked off. Isabelle was niggling me. I was cleaning up and she was throwing butter on the floor. I shook my head at her and said: ‘Enough said’.

“I went back into the diary room and told Big Brother I wanted to go home. I felt so ill because of what I thought was heartburn so I had a few drinks.

Isabelle’s comment about Lotan being a bad role model set off the argument (credit: C5)

When he started vomiting he was scared because he was bringing up blood, which is never a good sign.

“I was petrified,” he told The Sun. “I went from being mad because I was stressed and in so much pain, to crying because I was throwing up so much.

“Blood looks like a lot when it’s in a toilet anyway. But when it was coming out, it was coming out like vomit but it was just blood. I kept doing it, I must have been sick 150 times. I opened my mouth and blood would come out, it was terrifying.

“They took me straight to hospital in the ambulance. They checked all my bloods and told me I needed an endoscopy.

“I told them I didn’t want to be there anymore, I wanted to leave and get myself sorted but it started again – they told me they wanted me to stay.”

Lotan was desperate to leave but is angry that producers ditched him (credit; C5)

Lotan stayed in hospital until 9am the next day and then returned to the house even though he didn’t want to go back.

“I have ulcerative colitis. I had an ulcer in my stomach when I went in and the stress made me vomit.

“They said they wanted me back in the house but I told them I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t take crap all the time. I was getting crap all the time.

“I said, ‘please, I’ve reached my tipping point,’ I need to leave but every time they would talk me down. I couldn’t defend myself.”

Lotan was rushed to hospital due to sever stomach pains and then was kicked out of the house (credit: C5)

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“They talked me around,” he said of the persuasive producers. “I arrived back and then they took me back to the studios and I went in through a side door.”

Then later on he was called back to the diary room to be told by producers that he was being removed from the show.

“It was so underhand,” an angry Lotan has said. “They pestered me and pestered me to go back in, even though I was ill and I said multiple times I wanted to leave, but they wanted to publicly kick me out, rather than just let me go.”