Loose Women viewers accuse guests of trying to “cash in” on Soham murders

Former partner of the child killer appeared alongside her mother and his daughter

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Loose Women had fans questioning why guests were on the show to talk about murderer Ian Huntley.

The killer’s daughter Samantha Bryan, her mum Katie and grandma Jacqui Edwards joined the panel to talk about the moment Samantha found out he was her dad.

Ian Huntley murdered best friends Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in 2002, but Samantha only found out who her  criminal father was after she started working on a school project.

Katie Bryan and her mum Jacqui Edwards (Credit: ITV/Loose Women)

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Now aged 19, she wants to share her story.

Speaking to the panellists, Samantha revealed: “A lot of people that knew me and they knew the story as well, but they only knew little bits.

“Rather than them judging me I just wanted to come forward and show people who I am and prove that I’m absolutely nothing like him and never will be.”

Jacqui broke down in tears when recalling the what happened (Credit: ITV/Loose Women)

Her grandma Jacqui said Ian “seemed a nice boy” when they first met.

Then she added: “Little did we know. One day he asked to take Katie into town. She never came home.”

It was then revealed that the evil man locked a then 15-year-old Katie in his flat and didn’t let her mum take her home.

However, Twitter users watching the show didn’t like how they were making their story so public.

Host Jane Moore sat next to Jacqui to comfort her (Credit: ITV/Loose Women)

One said: “Why go on national TV to announce your father is Ian Huntley, what is the purpose?”

Another questioned: “What do these two want? They were on GMB not long ago to tell the same story. Are they trying to be famous off the back of this?”

A third said: “I don’t want to sound awful but this ex of Ian Huntley and her family sound like they’re trying to cash in on their story…”

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