Loose Women: Lisa Riley takes lie detector after gastric band jibes

She wanted to prove that she hadn't lied about weight loss

Jeremy Kyle might find that he is a lie detector short when his production team do their next inventory check.

Loose Women decided to interrogate their panellist Lisa Riley, with one to see if she had told the truth about her weight loss.

The former Emmerdale actress has always maintained that she lost 10-stone through changing her diet and exercising.

There were many that had doubted that the 40-year-old had shed so much weight without having a gastric band fitted.

Add to that the suspicion of liposuction or weight loss surgery and Lisa had a point to prove.

Speaking to her fellow panellists on the ITV lunchtime show, Lisa said: “Basically more and more people are calling me a liar.

“I did try the fad diets but they didn’t work for me. I’ve done it slowly.

“When I was getting ready for this show and I put on this dress in it’s a smaller size… that is what spurs me on.”

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Before she received the results, Lisa said that she had nothing against people that have had surgery, it just wasn’t how she wanted to do it.

She has dropped eight dress sizes from 30 down to 14.

She added: “People who have had gastric bands… good on you but I lost this my way.”

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The result of the test delighted Lisa, as it confirmed that she had told the truth.

Viewers took to Twitter to praise Lisa on her efforts, though they though it was unfair that she had to go to such lengths to prove that she had lost it all ‘naturally’.

Lisa revealed the secret of her success: “I cut out the crisps. I don’t go to the service stations now, I walk past them.

“I don’t even see them anymore, and alcohol too.

“It’s been like a jigsaw that came together.”

Well, it’s come together well for Lisa and she is looking fabulous!

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