Loose Women: Kim Woodburn opens up about devastating child abuse

The feisty star has had a heartbreaking past

Kim Woodburn revealed that she was abused by her father in a very upsetting interview on Loose Women.

The sassy 74-year-old opened up about the horrendous ordeal she went through during a discussion on how your parents shape you in life.

The Celebrity Big Brother star who grew up in Eastney, Hampshire said: “My father was a Royal Marine. He was physically abusive. He would hit me with carpet brushes.”

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Asked whether  she told her mother, she said: “I didn’t tell her. We didn’t talk about those things.”

Janet immediately wanted to know more and asked: “Was it sexual?”

Kim replied: “Oh yes.”

She then spoke about how it happened when she was “very young”.

Devastatingly, her mother wasn’t really there for her: “She used to say to me, ‘If I’d have known what you would have been like, I would have sent you back,'”Kim added.

It clearly affected Kim, as she said: “It never leaves you. I am 74 now, but I have a great life. I often see lovely families when I’m out and think about how good the parents are.”

Kim also spoke about THAT moment in CBB when Nicola McLean told her: “Thank God you’ve never been a mother.”

She said: “Her mouth needs stitching up. She doesn’t know me from Adam.”

Andrea interjected and said: “To be fair, she doesn’t know your background. She hasn’t read your book.”

The How Clean Is Your House star didn’t seem to be having any of it and retorted: “Well, she should have shut up then.”

What Nicola didn’t know was that Kim sadly gave birth to a stillborn son when she was really young.

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She said: “I lost a baby. My waters broke and I delivered him in a blue bowl and buried him in the park wrapped in a tea towel. It was very sad.”

Despite what most people think, Kim actually loves kids!

Without realising what she was saying, she confessed: “Sometimes I go to the supermarket looking for kids. People trust you so much when you’re on the telly.

“They ask you to hold them and, the other day, I held a baby that was just 11 days old and I dined out on that for weeks.”

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