Liz tries to attack Tracy in court room drama

Tracey is taking the flak for Ken's attempted murder - is she making the right decision?

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Ooooh, hasn’t Corrie been exciting and action-packed lately.

If it hasn’t been Sally’s stalker scenario gripping us by the throats, then it’s been the ongoing “grooming” plot with Bethany or the edge-of-the-seat ‘who chucked Ken down the stairs’ whodunnit? that have kept us tuning in every time.

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In Friday’s thrilling episode, viewers saw Tracy Barlow tell police that she was the one responsible for pushing Ken, but in reality it was just a way of her of distracting the police from finding Rob and taking the heat off her daughter, Amy, who suspects may have actually hurt Ken!

Now in tonight’s gripping episodes, viewers will see a nervous Tracy appear in court, charged with attempted murder, with an angry Liz McDonald on her case.

Steve’s mum is raging about what Tracy has put her father through and rushes at her like a charging bull as she stands in the glass protected dock.

Liz is so angry and keen to tell Tracy what she really thinks about her, that Adam Barlow and Daniel Osbourne have to restrain her.

But what will everyone think when it emerges that Tracy is actually just trying to protect her daughter.

Earlier in the episode, Tracy is interrogated by police about Ken’s attack, but it’s  not long before the questioning turns to the whereabouts of Rob.

When asked if she knows where he is, she maintains that she hasn’t laid eyes on him, despite the fact they were holed up in a country cottage.

And when one of the police officers says that Amy still hasn’t returned home, he says pointedly at Tracy: “You’d have to be an idiot to leave you daughter with a convicted killer.”

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How will all these threads of the storyline culminate? We’ll just have to keep watching to find out.