Lisa Riley’s drastic plan to prove she doesn’t have a gastric band

She's sick and tired of trolls thinking she's been lying

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People can be so cruel! Lisa Riley spent years putting up with nasty jokes about her size, now she’s being accused of ‘cheating’ in her incredible weightloss by getting a gastric band.

But you can’t keep a good girl down and Lisa is facing up to her haters.

She’s pledged to do a metal detector test LIVE on Loose Women to prove she’s got nothing to hide.

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Fans have already reacted in shock and admiration for the star after she shed a whopping 11 stone!

The former Emmerdale star says she’s still getting trolls giving her abuse and saying she’s telling porkies about shedding all that weight.

Lisa’s a strong girl though and she’ll prover her haters wrong and leave them in no doubt that she’s worked hard to win her amazing figure.

Her days as larger than life Mandy Dingle seem like forever ago and fans of the show back then would struggle to recognise her now.

She’s dropped – wait for this – SIXTEEN dress sizes! Down from a considerable size 28 to a svelte size 12.

But she’s not done yet. By her 41st birthday in July she hopes to drop another dress size by having more surgery to remove folds of leftover skin left behind from her old larger size.

Anyone wanting some weightloss tips? The TV star shed the weight by cutting the junk food and getting rid of booze.

Weight loss always starts off fast and she dropped an entire stone in only a week after eating a tiny 400 calories a day.

While her weight has dropped, her business is growing. She’s about to launch her new perfume which she’s called ‘Change’.

Lisa told The Sun: “I think we live in this world where people are so  mean.

“And because of all the trolls and the haters, the next thing I want to do is a live metal detector test on Loose Women to prove everyone wrong because they’re still saying I’ve had one.

“I’ll have an internal x-ray, whatever to prove there’s nothing in there because I’m so proud that I did it by myself.”

Last October, Lisa took a lie detector test to prove her tormentors wrong. It was done by the guy off the Jeremy Kyle Show and she passed with flying colours.

Now there’s no looking back for Lisa, who said: “Before, I’d be on a girls holiday in Malta and they’d all have their bikinis on and the flat, flat stomach and I know the next time we go that’s gonna be me!

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“That feeling is insane.”

“After I did the reveal following my first surgery, I did think ‘do I need the top doing?’

“But I have to think about the volume of skin on my back, my boobs are like two tongs and my bingo wings are horrendous.”

Maybe Lisa but you’re a star. Well done.

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