Line of Duty fans stunned at latest plot twist

The show isn't afraid to push boundaries

The latest series of Line Of Duty has fans seriously gripped, but the penultimate episode last night left them scratching their heads in confusion.

Lead character DCI Roz Huntley, who is being investigated by AC-12, has had an infected wound on her arm for weeks, and now she’s had to have it amputated.

She sustained the injury during her scuffle with Tim Ifield, which resulted in his death. She’s been trying to keep both the wound and her guilt in his murder hidden ever since.

As she continued to ignore the injury, it was getting worse – even her husband, Nick, told her it was starting to “stink” last night. But she disregarded his concern.

She also ignored the doctor urgently calling her to get to A&E asap. But she continued to try and cover up her crime, which ultimately led to her collapse.

When she came round in hospital she discovered the doctors had had to amputate part of her arm as the infection had spread to her blood and she’d gone into septic shock.

That sounds pretty serious to us.

But it wasn’t long before she was checking out of hospital and heading back to work – no questions asked.

Viewers were stunned and took to Twitter to express their shock:

The gripping series comes to an end next Sunday night, but it remains to be seen whether Roz’s amputated arm holds the key to her downfall.

She’s certainly not going down without a fight, having had her own husband arrested in the penultimate episode for a murder she committed.

Is she hoping super-whiz lawyer Jimmy Lakewell will get him off?

We have no idea where this is going to end, but we can’t wait to find out.

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